Enhancing Operational Capability

Contract Awards

PMA-273 Naval Undergraduate Flight Systems Program Support

StraCon Services Group announces the award of a 5 year task order to provide program support to PMA-273.  PMA-273 is the Naval Undergraduate Flight Systems program office.  We will be supporting PMA-273 in their mission to procure products and services to meet flight training requirements for  training systems (aircraft, ground systems, classroom and computer based training, and Contractor logistics support): for the T-34, Joint Primary Aviation Training System, TC-12, T-44, T-39, TH-57, T-45, Undergraduate Military Flight Officer (UMFO), and Naval Flight Officer (NFO).
Patuxent River, MD


Provide Public Affairs (PA) and Knowledge Management (KM) support for Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CNSP).  StraCon provides technical, administrative, and creative expertise to support CNSP’s Public Affairs and Knowledge Management staffs. This effort consists of Website Management, SharePoint Configuration and Administration.  Provides command level briefings, supports media events and maintains a suite of web-based communication and social media tools.
San Diego, CA

US Army, Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS)

StraCon is actively developing and revising Technical Manuals and Technical Manual supplements for the U.S. Army under Program Director (PD) Aerostats in support of the PGSS. StraCon’s responsibility includes development, and revisions to PGSS TMs and TM supplements that are driven by hardware/software changes. StraCon also provides the client with curriculum development services that utilizes Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE), an instructional system design model, to guide the approach to curriculum development. This approach applies the team’s existing Technical Data Production capabilities utilizing Windchill and allows for rapid development and incorporation of relevant training system changes into the required training manuals.
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

PMA-201 Precision Strike Weapons Program Support

StraCon is pleased to announce the award of the Precision Strike Weapons Program Office (PMA-201) which is responsible for development, production and in-service management of air-to-ground munitions for Domestic US Navy and Foreign Military Sales (FMS).  StraCon will provide support for two projected ACAT 1D, two ACAT 1C, one ACAT II, one ACAT IVT, sixteen Abbreviated Acquisition Programs (AAP)/ Non-ACAT programs, and thirty-nine FMS countries to include Program and Acquisition Management,  Engineering, FMS, Financial, Operational, Security and Administrative Support Administrative Support
Patuxent River, MD

Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Office of Financial Operations (FMO)

Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) Program Assistance
Administrative Management
Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Office of Financial Operations (FMO)

Program Management, Financial management, Human Resources, Administrative, Facilities Support Services
Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) AIR 4.5X Special Surveillance Program (SSP)

Technical Data Products (TDP) and technical manual development for Special  Surveillance Product requirements.
Patuxent River, MD

Naval Air Systems Command, the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

Program Management, Training Systems and Human Systems Integration 
Orlando, FL 

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) AIR 4.5X Special Surveillance Program (SSP)

Support in the refurbishment of Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) Ground Control Stations (GCSs).   The team also provides Technical Data Products (TDP) development support that requires the rapid development and delivery of a wide spectrum of Technical Publications. 

PMA-275 V-22 Program Support

The V-22 is a growing military asset for transporting U.S. troops and supplies. More than 145 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft are in operation today. Marine Corps V-22s are deployed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and with Marine Expeditionary Units for world-wide contingency operations, while Air Force Special Operations Command V-22s are deployed in support of National mission taskings. 
StraCon will provide Acquisition, Financial, Retrofit and FMS Support 
Patuxent River, MD 

PMA-275 V-22 Training Program Support

Team resources will provide product reviews to include engineering, technical, budget, program management, and analysis tasking; as well as development of recommendations for technical, logistical and life cycle support for the V-22 Training System. 
Patuxent River, MD and other locations including Kirtland AFB, NM and MCAS New River, NC. 

StraCon Teams with Camber for PMA-261 H-53 Program Office Support

June 2009: StraCon teams with Camber to provide Contract Services Support for the ACAT 1 PMA-261 Training IPT. Support provides a full spectrum of capability that includes Front End Analysis, Capability Based Assessments, Requirement Definition and Requirement Analysis. StraCon provides significant support with Instructional Systems Design, Media Analysis, Job Task Analysis, Training Effectiveness Analysis, Naval Training System Plan Development, Manpower Analysis, and Personnel/Skills Analysis. StraCon performs critical Configuration and ECP Management/Configuration Control roles to assure continuously improved training system performance, reliability, and maintainability. StraCon helps the Training IPT define better Training System solutions, execute the procurement process faster, and reduce Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for the entire aircraft program.