Contract Awards

Contract Awards


The Unmanned Carrier Aviation Program Office (PMA–268)

StraCon Services Group is proud to announce the award of a 5-year contract supporting The Unmanned Carrier Aviation program office (PMA-268) by Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Pax River on GSA OASIS.

StraCon will provide design, development, integration, testing, and sustainment support using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach for the Stingray Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) system. The Siemens Teamcenter PLM system allows the program to digitally represent all product lifecycle processes and use cases that are needed to design, develop, test, produce and support the fielding and sustainment of the MQ-25A Stingray Air Vehicle and the Multi Domain Control System (MDCS). This PLM system will allow the program to digitally thread all product life cycle processes that are needed to design, develop, test, produce and support a product. Using existing standards, authoritative data sources, existing Information Technology (IT), common software, hardware and approved networks ensures that complete, secure and authoritative technical data is received and stored to facilitate PMA-268’s ability to accelerate the product development cycle and lower support costs integrate of new capabilities.
Pax River, MD


Tactical Airlift Program Office (PMA–207)

StraCon Services Group is proud to announce the award of a 5-year contract supporting the Tactical Airlift Program Office, PMA-207 at Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Pax River, Maryland.

PMA-207 is responsible for the management of life cycle support and readiness of the United States Navy (USN) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) commercial derivative and C/KC-130 aircraft programs. PMA-207 is comprised of three departments: C/KC-130, Fixed Wing and Operational Support Airlift (VR/OSA), and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). The C/KC-130 department has two Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), KC-130J and C/KC-130T. The C/KC-130 variants are responsible for multiple functions including air-to-air refueling, personnel and cargo transport, medical evacuation, and reconnaissance.
The VR/OSA department, which is responsible for life cycle support and readiness of both the USN and USMC Commercial Derivative Aircraft has three IPTs: Utility Lift (C-12 and C-26), Medium Lift (C-40), and Executive Lift Transport (UC-35, C-20, and C-37). The VR/OSA squadrons perform various functions including diplomat, cargo, and personnel transport. The FMS department currently has cases with five international clients. StraCon will provide operational and technical support, financial support, acquisition support, Configuration Management (CM), Data Management (DM), Information Technology (IT) support, production support, and administrative management support services to PMA-207.

Pax River, MD


Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems (PMA–272)

StraCon Services Group is proud to announce the award of a 5-year contract supporting the Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program Office, PMA-272, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Pax River, Maryland.

The PMA-272 program office is aligned under the Program Executive Officer for Tactical Aircraft Programs (PEO(T)). The PMA-272 program office manages the development, demonstration, acquisition, and sustainment of Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) for fixed, rotary, and tiltrotor aircraft defenses in support of the USN, USMC, and Maritime Patrol Aircraft. PMA-272 consists of 3 Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), Strike, Assault, and Common. Products across the IPTs include Integrated Defense Electronic Counter Measures (IDECM), Distributed Aperture Infrared Counter Measures (DAIRCM), and the Common Carriage effort, the PMAs newest Program of Record which is slated to create commonality between fixed, rotary, and tiltrotor aircraft. In addition, PMA-272 provides equipment and services in support of 33 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers, as well as FMS New Business Development. StraCon will provide program management, acquisition management, financial management, Information Technology, administrative and technical support services across all PMA-272 IPTs.
Pax River, MD

Naval Undergraduate Flight Training Systems Program Office (PMA-273)

StraCon is pleased to announce the award of the PMA-273 Program Management Support Task Order on the PM CSS MAC Contract Vehicle. We are excited to provide five more years of service to PMA-273.

PMA-273 was chartered to develop a rigorous, diverse, carrier-capable Naval Flight Training System where student pilots and Undergraduate Military Flight Officers (UMFOs) acquire mission-critical aviation skills necessary to carry out current and future missions of the United States Navy. PMA-273 is a program office under the Program Executive Officer, Tactical Aircraft (PEO(T)). PMA-273 is responsible for procurement of products and services to meet flight training requirements as defined by the Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA). PMA-273’s area of responsibility includes the following training systems (aircraft, ground systems, classroom and computer-based training, and Contractor logistics support): T-34 Turbomentor, Joint Primary Aviation Training System (JPATS) T-6A and T-6B Texan II, T-44 Pegasus, TH-57 Sea Ranger, TH-73A Thrasher, T-45 Goshawk, Undergraduate Military Flight Officer (UMFO), and Naval Flight Officer (NFO) programs. StraCon provides program/project management, administrative, budget financial management, and corporate operations support services for PMA-273 Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). PMA-273 IPT’s are responsible for the planning, execution, and management of PMA-273 programs/efforts across all platforms.
Pax River, MD


INTERNAL CONTRACTOR SUPPORT SERVICES (iCSS) at Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) Orlando

StraCon is pleased to announce the award of a contract to support NAWCTSD for up to 5 years, comprising of a 3-year base period and a 2-year option period to provide support for a variety of federal acquisition efforts for multiple Program Directorates and numerous Product Support Competencies within NAWCTSD.

StraCon will provide support services to a variety of Navy platforms to include Aviation, Surface, Undersea, and Cross Warfare. StraCon, along with our subcontractors Zenetex, Precise, WISOBS, and University of Central Florida provide support to: Director for Aviation, Director for Surface, Director for Undersea, Cross Warfare Training, International, Research and Technology, Corporate Operations, Financial Management, Integrated Logistics, Program Management, Engineering, Systems Engineering, Software Acquisition, Software Development, Network And Computer Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Visual System Acquisition, Synthetic Natural Environment, Flight Simulations, Systems Analysis, Computer/Electronics, Cybersecurity, Systems Security, Information Security Analysis, Research Psychology, Instructions Systems, Training, Graphics, Authoring Systems/Web Design, Oracle Database, Testing, Mass Communications, Program/Project Schedule, Interoperability Engineering, Support Equipment and Administration.
Orlando, FL


V-22 Osprey Joint Program Office Support (PMA–275)

StraCon Services Group announces the award of a 5-year task order to provide program management, administrative, financial and corporate operations support services for the V-22 Osprey Joint Program Office under the Program Executive Officer Air, Assault, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) & Special Mission Aircraft (PEO(A)).

PMA-275 is an ACAT-1C, Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP)) currently in full-rate production, led by the Department of the Navy for the purpose of developing, testing, evaluating, procuring, fielding, and supporting a tilt rotor, Vertical/Short Take-off and Landing (V/STOL) aircraft for Joint Service application. The V-22 program is designed to provide an aircraft to meet the amphibious/vertical assault needs of the United States Marine Corps with the MV-22 and the Carrier Onboard Delivery needs of the United States Navy with the CMV-22B. Additionally, the platform meets the special operation needs of the United States Air Force and the United States Special Operations Command with the CV-22. Our team members include Zenetex, Precise and DSE.
Pax River, MD


Navy Public Affairs, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (Code 103)

StraCon Services Group announces the award of task order to provide Public Affairs support to the Corporate Operations Department, Corporate Communications Division, Code 103 for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD).

The task order has a one-year base period and four option periods. StraCon is teamed with kglobal to provide strategic counsel, planning, and execution of communication for NSWCDD. This effort consists of managing the internal and external communication of NSWCDD located in Dahlgren, Virginia, informing, promoting, and marketing the successes of NSWCDD Dahlgren, NSWCDD Dam Neck Activity, and the 8,000-member workforce as well as local community leaders, elected officials, Program Executive Offices, and other Navy and Department of Defense stakeholders. Code 103 oversees the development, implementation, and execution of the command’s communication, engagement and marketing strategy, planning and tactics for enterprise and national-level initiatives across all target audiences. To accomplish this, Code 103 requires specific communication support services: speechwriting, public release review, multimedia documentation, broadcasting, multimedia production and design, web page design and program support. In addition, they provide support with the Armed Forces Public Information Management System, to include exhibit planning/coordination/management services to support the Surface Navy Association Symposium, American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) conferences and the annual Sea Air Space Exposition, with audiovisual, writing/editing, digital signage content development, and photography support to augment existing staff and provide critical assistance in development of communication messages for NSWCDD.
Dahlgren, VA


Naval Aviation Training Systems and Ranges Program Office Support (PMA-205)

StraCon supports the Naval Aviation Training Systems and Ranges Program Office (PMA-205) as a sub-contractor to Precise Systems.

StraCon provides program management support services to the PMA-205 Integrated Product Teams through all phases of Naval Aviation training system acquisition for various Naval Aviation platforms. PMA-205 is responsible for acquisition program management of Acquisition Category programs, Abbreviated Acquisition Programs, and Non-Designated Acquisition Programs. PMA-205 also supports training systems acquisition under larger-platform ACAT programs, including Foreign Military Sale acquisitions. PMA-205 provides warfighters with state-of-the-art training systems specific to a wide array of aircraft, affording U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircrew and maintainers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that enable mission success. The program office is responsible for acquisition and life-cycle management of training systems, including flight simulators, part-task trainers, maintenance trainers, and associated training curricula to ensure optimum performance for Naval Aviation.
Pax River, MD


Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

StraCon has teamed with Logistics Management Institute (LMI) to provide continued Program Management and Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E) support of Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

DSCA advances U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by building the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges. DSCA leads the broader U.S. Security Cooperation Enterprise in its efforts to train, educate, advise, and equip foreign partners. The agency is responsible for planning, coordination, administration, and supervision of Department of Defense (DoD) programs for transfer of defense articles and services by sale or grant to foreign governments and international organizations. These programs include Building Partner Capacity programs under chapter 16 of title 10, United States Code, Foreign Military Sales in which defense articles and services are sold to eligible foreign countries and international organizations with Foreign Military Financing and host nation funding; and the International Military Education and Training Program, wherein training is provided by grant aid. StraCon is tasked to lend experienced expertise to high priority and high visibility programs to intensively assist the Government with management of these programs and assure responsiveness from requirement definition to delivery and case closure. Responsibilities include identifying requirements, submitting Congressional Notifications, tracking Letters of Requests and Memorandum of Requests, implementing Letters of Offer and Acceptance, and implementing actions to manage and execute assigned Building Partner Capacity program cases and activities that are funded under U.S. legislative authority.
Arlington, VA


Army Virtual Learning Environment, Virtual Reality Courseware – 92F

StraCon and our partner LSI, were awarded a contract to develop cutting edge virtual reality (VR) training simulators for the U.S. Army Quartermaster School’s.

Under the Army Virtual Learning Environment (AVLE) IDIQ contract, Team StraCon will design, develop and deliver innovative VR courseware products for the Petroleum and Water Department’s MOS 92F Petroleum Supply Specialist advanced individual training (AIT) for Soldiers at Fort Lee, VA. This contract is a VR training effort for operating the Modular Fuel System, and Tank Rack Module System. This VR 3D training environment allows AIT Soldiers to perform fully immersive work package procedures in a “crawl-walk-run” Serious Game modality. This phased training approach enables 92F AIT Soldiers to prove their mastery of prerequisite knowledge and procedures in a classroom setting before they transition to training on the actual systems in a field training site. Additionally, this VR training is leveraging the xAPI enterprise learning ecosystem where the learning is self-directed but available to the training institution for performance tracking and recording in near-real time.
Jacksonville, FL


Army Virtual Learning Environment, Advanced Digital Training – 92L and 92W

StraCon and our partner LSI, were awarded two contracts to develop innovative virtual training and education (T&E) products for the U.S. Army Quartermaster School.

Under the Army Virtual Learning Environment (AVLE) IDIQ contract, Team StraCon will design, develop and deliver advanced digital training and eLearning products for the Petroleum and Water Department’s MOS 92W Water Treatment Specialist and MOS 92L Petroleum Laboratory Specialist advanced individual training (AIT) for Soldiers at Fort Lee, VA. Our innovative virtual training products include digital training enablers (DTEs) for the Quartermaster School. DTEs are interactive 3D virtual replicas of the actual equipment and systems that MOS 92W and 92L Soldiers use while conducting logistical support during operational missions. These virtual but lifelike systems allow Soldiers to retain more procedural task knowledge through ease-of-use and augmented repetition, so when Soldiers complete the DTE modules, they are ready to fully engage with the actual systems and components. By using DTEs in a blended program of instruction, mastery of requisite of MOS task procedural skills can happen in hours instead of days required using legacy classroom instruction methods. DTEs are created using gaming development tools and use 3D immersive modeling and simulation (M&S) approaches to create immersive, scenario-based training for Soldiers to reinforce and apply knowledge and skills acquired in classroom settings before moving on to training on the actual equipment or systems in a field environment. Training with the virtual DTE simulators in a Serious-Game setting provides a learner-centric bridge between traditional classroom instruction and live training providing time and resource savings. Additionally, Team StraCon is developing interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) hosted on the Blackboard LMS and instructional videos both live action and 3D animations as part of a holistic blended curriculum tailored for Sustainment Soldiers.

Jacksonville, FL


Army Virtual Learning Environment (AVLE) Contract

Team StraCon (LSI, Will Interactive, and Bohemia) were awarded an IDIQ contract to support new Army innovations in training that require the design, development, and delivery of an extensive range of distributed learning products to include Interactive Multimedia Instruction, Digital Learning Content Objects, Analysis Products, Gaming, 3D Modeling and Simulations, augmented and virtual reality using delivery types never before used in Army distributed learning. 

This includes synthetic tutors, gaming engines, and virtual reality oculus goggles and other modalities that engage all human senses. This effort marks a new paradigm in distributed learning in a virtual learning environment. AVLE is a revolutionary concept that will shift the way the Army develops and delivers training and education products to the total force. The A-VLE proposes new programs, plans and policies, risk taking in leveraging new learning and neuro sciences and technologies in curriculum design, courseware design and delivery that will enable the execution of rigorous, relevant, and tailorable learning content at the point of need.
Jacksonville, FL


C-130T Avionics Obsolescence Upgrade (AOU) Courseware and Curriculum

StraCon was awarded the follow on Phase II of a courseware development contract to support training for aircrews and maintenance personnel for the Avionics Obsolescence Upgrade (AOU) differences training for pilot, flight engineer, and maintenance personnel. 

To effectively meet worldwide aircraft mission needs, the Navy is modernizing the C-130T aircraft by upgrading, replacing, and adding additional avionics systems through the AOU program. This modernization effort will meet DoD established Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) mandates, provide upgraded flight safety systems, address avionics obsolescence, and minimize total lifecycle costs. This contract will also include StraCon/LSI provided AOU differences training for contract instructors at the C-130 Air Logistics Training Center (ALTC) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (JRB) using a blended training solution consisting of interactive and instructor led courseware, a suite of state of the art Virtual Maintenance Training Devices (VMT’s), and an enhanced aircrew glass cockpit emulator. This blended training system approach implements Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) and Commander Naval Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) training vision for ALTC C-130T training.
Jacksonville, FL


V-22 Computer Based Training Courseware Conversion for the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (PMA-275)

StraCon has partnered with Logistics Services International (LSI) for the courseware conversion of existing Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) and Interactive Courseware (ICW) for the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) V-22 Opsrey program.

PMA-275 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) has been tasked to convert the existing V-22 courseware from its current Flash-based format to Adobe Captivate with Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 (HTML5) format. HTML5 will be deployable on virtually any modem internet browser without the need for additional plug-ins and will be editable using a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) editor. Stracon’s team of experienced graphic designers and courseware developers will provide PMA-275 with over 500 Adobe Captivate produced lessons for pilot, enlisted aircrew and maintenance personnel that is 100 percent compatible with virtual training devices.
Jacksonville, FL


PMA-268 Unmanned Carrier Aviation (UCA) Multi-Mission Unmanned Aerial System (MQ-25) Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) Development and Implementation (PMA-268)

StraCon has been contracted to develop and implement a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that is hosted in a secure commercial DoD Cloud environment.

This enables PMA-268 to accelerate the product development cycle and lower support costs for integration of new capabilities. This program requires the detailed management of PLM software procurement, system design / architecture and PLM configuration. The first phase of this contract involved building a development environment for promotion to a cloud hosted fully accredited environment. Phase 2 will develop the Collaboration Environment between the OEMs/Vendors, NAVAIR, FRCs, and other identified stakeholders to establish an enterprise-level collaborative data management environment for access, storage, configuration, and use of product and project data. Phase 3 demonstrates the Model Based System Engineering approach within the PLM tool and verifies that the tool had all the authoritative data created to date and all functions are uploaded into the PMA-268 PLM system and that all IT functions work properly.
Pax River, MD | Charleston, SC


Headquarters, United States Marine Corps, Logistics Distribution Policy (HQMC LPD) Training Courses Maintenance Support

StraCon was awarded a contract in support of HQ United States Marine Corps Logistics Distribution Policy (HQMC LPD) to facilitate all aspects of maintenance (e.g., programming changes, instructional design changes, narration changes, etc.) on newly developed web-based USMC logistics training courses.

Stracon’s Instructional System Designers and Graphic Artists provides support for training courses previously developed for LPD to include correction of current content identified by the USMC during initial small group tryouts, development of instructional design processes due to changes in USMC policies and/or technical documentation revisions and provide technical fixes for interactive courseware on the Marine Net website. In addition, StraCon provides revisions and maintenance on 30 separate courses during the contract period of performance.
Washington, D.C.


Curriculum Revision & Upgrade Of The Computer Based Training System For The V-22 Program (PMA-275)

StraCon was awarded a curriculum revision & upgrade contract in support of PMA-275 for the Computer-Based Training (CBT) system for the United States Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey program.

PMA-275 has been tasked by Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to provide curriculum revision & upgrade of the CBT system to current V-22 aircraft configuration due to decreased readiness, operational tempo and, demands on existing resources. StraCon’s courseware upgrade and revision effort will provide critical maintenance training tools to assist in meeting readiness objectives and fleet knowledge enhancements that will optimize existing qualification, certification, and designation processes. StraCon’s Instructional System Designers, Courseware Developers and Graphic Artists shall provide production and delivery of the revised and upgraded MV-22 curriculum according to current aircraft configuration for technical “Train-The-Trainer” podium, laboratory, and Partial Task Trainer (PTT) programs.
Jacksonville, FL


Naval Undergraduate Flight Systems Program Support (PMA-273)

StraCon Services Group announces the award of a 5 year task order to provide program support to PMA-273. 

PMA-273 is the Naval Undergraduate Flight Systems program office.  We will be supporting PMA-273 in their mission to procure products and services to meet flight training requirements for  training systems (aircraft, ground systems, classroom and computer based training, and Contractor logistics support): for the T-34, Joint Primary Aviation Training System, TC-12, T-44, T-39, TH-57, T-45, Undergraduate Military Flight Officer (UMFO), and Naval Flight Officer (NFO).
Pax River, MD


Navy Public Affairs/Visual Information and Knowledge Management Support (CNSP)

StraCon will be providing Public Affairs (PA) and Knowledge Management (KM) support for Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CNSP). 

StraCon provides technical, administrative, and creative expertise to support CNSP’s Public Affairs and Knowledge Management staffs. This effort consists of Website Management, SharePoint Configuration and Administration.  Provides command level briefings, supports media events and maintains a suite of web-based communication and social media tools.
San Diego, CA


US Army, Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS)

StraCon is actively developing and revising Technical Manuals and Technical Manual supplements for the U.S. Army under Program Director (PD) Aerostats in support of the PGSS.

StraCon’s responsibility includes development, and revisions to PGSS TMs and TM supplements that are driven by hardware/software changes. StraCon also provides the client with curriculum development services that utilizes Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE), an instructional system design model, to guide the approach to curriculum development. This approach applies the team’s existing Technical Data Production capabilities utilizing Windchill and allows for rapid development and incorporation of relevant training system changes into the required training manuals.
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


Precision Strike Weapons Program Support (PMA-201)

StraCon is pleased to announce the award of a program management support service contract for the Precision Strike Weapons Program Office (PMA-201).

PMA-201 is responsible for development, production and in-service management of air-to-ground munitions for US Navy and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). StraCon personnel provided support for two projected Acquisition Category (ACAT)1D, two ACAT 1C, one ACAT II, one ACAT IVT, sixteen Abbreviated Acquisition Programs (AAP)/ Non-ACAT programs. Additionally, forty-one FMS countries require support with Program and Acquisition Management, Engineering, FMS, Financial, Operational, Security and general Administrative Support. Management services directly support the Harpoon, SLAM-ER, JSOW, Bombs/Fuses, Aircraft Armament Equipment (AAE) and Aircraft Refueling Stores (ARS) systems programs. Stracon provides technical support services spanning all acquisition phases to include research, design and development, engineering, test and evaluation, training, aircraft modification, repair, in-service engineering, and production line transition. For execution of this contract, our employees support multiple products across all the armed services and 41 client countries. This program requires the detailed management of over 100 lines of individual accounting.
Pax River, MD


Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Office of Financial Operations (FMO)

StraCon was awarded a contract to support the Department of the Navy’s Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Plan (FIAR).

The Department of Navy’s FIAR plan is the vehicle used by the Department of Navy to meet the Congressional mandates related to audit readiness. This long-term, multi-step effort is an enterprise-wide endeavor which requires changes in business practices at every level of DON. StraCon personnel will provide FIAR sustainment requirements, responsiveness to private sector auditors requirements, and assist in the completion of the several other steps toward full financial auditability. StraCon provides quality professional support for the Office of Financial Operations (FMO) various business operations functions. This contract covers a broad range of taskings to include Program Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Administrative Support, and Facility Management.
Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.


Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) AIR 4.11 Special Surveillance Programs (SSP)

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s (NAWCAD) Special Surveillance Programs (SSP).

4.11 requires StraCon to provide Technical Data Packages (TDPs), Technical Manuals (TMs) and Configuration Management (CM) support for the Gondola, Mobile Platform and Surveillance Towers for SSP. Efforts focused on establishing the baseline of TDPs and TMs that would allow lifecycle provisioning of these products. To accomplish this task, StraCon will develop multiple engineering processes, including a drawing standard utilizing ASME Y14. StraCon will provide detailed 3D models in conjunction with 2D drawing packages that are used to operate, service and sustain these systems. StraCon will provide a detailed model of the payload system controller (Gondola v3.1), and the mobile platform system, as well as a new system the mobile Surveillance Tower v01. This effort is a 100% government owned/non-proprietary solution and will be stored within a NAVAIR owned Windchill PLM instance hosted by StraCon.
Pax River, MD


Naval Air Systems Command, the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

StraCon partnered with Zenetex and were successful offerors on a Contractor Support Services (CSS) Task Order (TO) under the SEAPORT-E Multiple Award Contract (MAC).

These services encompass a wide range of corporate operations, research and technology, program management, logistics, engineering, instructional systems, and test and evaluation support for training systems managed by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD). StraCon provides highly qualified personnel for the following Program Directorates: Research and Technology (46T), Corporate Operations (COPS), Aviation (PDA), Surface (PDS), Undersea (PDU), Cross Warfare (PDX), and International (PDI). Service requirements for this contract will occur throughout the entire acquisition cycle from concept refinement through operation and support. StraCon provides personnel whose responsibilities include authoring/modifying NAWCTSD and NAVAIR policy/procedures and other technical and administrative requirements as directed by the Government.
Orlando, FL 


Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) AIR 4.5X Special Surveillance Program (SSP)

NAWCAD SSP 4.5X awarded a contract to StraCon to provide Technical Manual Support Services and Configuration Management (CM) support for surveillance system components within the SSP.

This contract requires the rapid development and delivery of technical publications and technical engineering data required by 4.5X SSP. StraCon provides services such as: design and readiness reviews, progress reports, Technical Data Package (TDP) development, 3D/2D drawings development, TM development, complete GCS refurbishment, and test and evaluation. StraCon also provides timely research-based recommendations for the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software technologies to enhance PGSS GCS capabilities and reduce system Life Cycle Support Cost. StraCon will develop the PGSS GCS Configuration Management Plan and is responsible for the Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) process, including development, implementation and evaluation. StraCon will provide a CM plan to ensure all architectural changes are properly captured, and that all impacts of configuration changes to PGSS baseline are documented. StraCon provides a comprehensive process for maintaining status accounting and verifying the completeness, consistency, and correctness of Configuration Items (CIs) throughout the PGSS architecture to promote CM success.
Pax River, MD | Charleston, SC


V-22 Program Support (PMA-275)

The V-22 is a growing military asset for transporting U.S. troops and supplies. More than 145 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft are in operation today. Marine Corps V-22s are deployed in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and with Marine Expeditionary Units for world-wide contingency operations, while Air Force Special Operations Command V-22s are deployed in support of National mission taskings. StraCon will provide Acquisition, Financial, Retrofit and FMS Support.
Pax River, MD


V-22 Training Program Support (PMA-275)

Team resources will provide product reviews to include engineering, technical, budget, program management, and analysis tasking; as well as development of recommendations for technical, logistical and life cycle support for the V-22 Training System. 
Pax River, MD | Kirtland AFB, NM | MCAS New River, NC. 


StraCon Teams with Camber for H-53 Program Office Support (PMA-261)

StraCon teams with Camber to provide Contract Services Support for the ACAT 1 PMA-261 Training IPT.

Support provides a full spectrum of capability that includes Front End Analysis, Capability Based Assessments, Requirement Definition and Requirement Analysis. StraCon provides significant support with Instructional Systems Design, Media Analysis, Job Task Analysis, Training Effectiveness Analysis, Naval Training System Plan Development, Manpower Analysis, and Personnel/Skills Analysis. StraCon performs critical Configuration and ECP Management/Configuration Control roles to assure continuously improved training system performance, reliability, and maintainability. StraCon helps the Training IPT define better Training System solutions, execute the procurement process faster, and reduce Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for the entire aircraft program.