Quality Assurance Plan

StraCon is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has developed rigorous quality management/quality assurance processes to deliver high quality services and products to our customers.  StraCon applies Quality Assurance from inception and throughout every phase of our projects. The primary methods to ensure the quality of services are: appropriate advance planning, assignment of sufficient qualified staff resources, provision of appropriate tools, and establishment of rigorous program and project management techniques.  StraCon is committed to providing timely and cost-effective services and products that exceed customer expectations and focus on continuous improvement.

Our approach includes:

  • Developing a Quality Management Program Plan
  • Establishing and monitoring metrics
  • Establishing quality management processes that include monitoring and assessing performance
  • Coordinating with the client to establish quality objectives
  • Coordinating with our sub-contractors to establish quality management objectives

We devote constant and continual attention to improving deliverables by exercising a results-based Quality Management System that integrates leadership and precise information management with dedicated, experienced personnel.  We understand the importance of continuous process improvement and actively solicit customer feedback on our services and work products.