2023 Q1 & Q2 STAR Awards & On The Spot Bonuses

2023 Q1 & Q2 STAR Awards & On The Spot Bonuses

STAR Award

  • Rachael Randolph – Rachael’s collaboration with NAVAIR is over and above her typical duties. As a Sr. Program Analyst, and the resident Subject Matter Expert (SME) within PMA-274, she consistently executes her duties in an exemplary manner.
  • Karli Yeager  – Karli displayed the highest level of professionalism and dedication that truly embodies the character and culture of StraCon Services Group. Her contributions and expertise led to the successful execution of two major campaigns that resulted in the team winning two Thompson-Ravitz awards. She performed in an exemplary and highly organized manner which contributed significantly to winning the category of Internal Campaigns for the PA Plan/Campaign on Shipboard Preservation and receiving Honorable Mention for Special Events and Projects Campaigns for Ship Collisions-Five Years Later.
  • Kristiana Montanez  – Kristiana’s contributions and expertise led to the successful production of StraCon’s 15 year anniversary video. The video was shared across the company and evoked an unexpected emotional and powerful response from all who watched it. Her time, dedication and organizational skills contributed significantly to a visual story that will forever commemorate the first 15 years of StraCon.

On The Spot Bonus Recipients

  • Laura Vanhoy – In Laura’s role within the Operations Department of PMA-201, she has been instrumental in providing consistency and continuity for the PMA during a period when senior management was turning over. Her dedication to the larger team, exceptional leadership, incomparable talents, and even her sense of humor were critical during this challenging transition. Laura showed exceptional leadership by keeping the largest International Team in NAVAIR moving like a well-oiled machine!
  • Greg Mitchell – Over the last four months Greg has worked diligently with the PMA-268 PLM government lead to develop and refine a new PLM capability concept. This concept capability was briefed at a NAVSUP configuration management conference and garnered high level interest by NAVAIR, NAVSEA, and NAVSUP.
    Additionally, during this same period Greg supported a current student at The Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. Greg’s support assisted their ability to successfully articulate many benefits and Return On Investment (ROI) for Naval Aviation and again highlighting the transformational capabilities of the Teamcenter PLM.
  • Gina Morrow – Gina took on additional tasks and programs to cover for team members that were out of office for a period of time. Her contribution resulted to smooth and continuous operation without delay. She continued to function at a high level despite the additional workload and provided support over and above what is expected. In a very short time, she became an integral part of the team. Her dedication is evident on the quality of work she produces.
    As a symbol of our appreciation for your dedication and hard work, each of you have been awarded an On the Spot Bonus through the StraCon Employee Recognition program. We are grateful for your contribution to our clients and the StraCon family.





  • Ginnie Littrell & Maddie Keenan  – StraCon was set to celebrate it’s 15 year anniversary on May 8th, 2023. A video was proposed to commemorate the event. Maddie and Ginnie were tasked with generating a plan and storyboard for the video. They were approached about the video with only a vague idea of what was needed or wanted. They both took the initiative to develop and design a concept with minimal guidance, and then delivered fantastically on the task as well. Their creative ideas and innovative approach contributed to an emotional and powerful video that was ultimately shared with the entire company.
  • Kyle Carlstrom  – Kyle provided a significant contribution to two Public Affairs Campaigns that resulted in CNSP winning a Thompson-Ravitz awards. They won for Internal Campaigns for their PA Plan/Campaign on Shipboard Preservation and they received Honorable Mention for Special Events and Projects Campaigns for Ship Collisions-Five Years Later. Kyle’s video contributions provided dynamic and stimulating visual content to these campaigns.