Systems Engineering

As the complexity and interoperability of DoD systems increase while budget lines tighten, the emphasis on affordability and sustainability of DoD programs is ever more important. At StraCon we utilize a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to define complex—often disparate—systems to better inform our customers of the downstream influential effects their decisions have throughout the acquisition and sustainment lifecycle. By building models that connect people, processes, and data along the Digital Thread, we are able to implement products and processes that are both more efficient and cost effective.

Our team supports our customers’ System Engineering requirements by providing the capability to analyze technical documentation or prepare design approaches that meet your needs. Our technical design capability provides alternative options that include tradeoff analyses and identification of technical risk. We apply decision analysis techniques to ensure that the engineering recommendations are cost effective and fully satisfy client objectives. We assist in the development of Statements of Work and Engineering Specifications. Our MBSE personnel are ideally suited to help our client evaluate contractor strategic approaches and assess contractor execution/performance. We have extensive experience in defining test criteria, test procedures, and performing acceptance testing.