Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

StraCon Executives, while acting in both government and commercial capacities, have assisted in the design and delivery of over $500M in military Aircrew and Maintenance training systems.  These systems include the V-22 Tiltrotor and CH-53E/K Heavy Lift Helicopter over a seven-year period (2000-2007).

During the subsequent 14 years (2008-2022), StraCon has been both a Service and Training Product provider for Naval Aviation and have continuously developed our acquisition support capabilities.  StraCon employees are trusted training system architects and contract service support providers for numerous Navy and Marine Corps Government clients for multiple Navy and Marine aircraft and weapon system programs which include Major Defense Acquisition Programs.  We understand the processes, technology, and teaming relationships necessary for weapon system design, implementation, and sustainment.

We assist customers to navigate the complexities of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Cooperative Agreement processes affecting international security assistance and security cooperation.  Our goal is to help international clients implement proven military technologies by leveraging our vast understanding of Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Navy International Program Office, and Defense Security Cooperative Agency processes.  Working in concert with FMS programs at Naval Aviation Systems Command (NAVAIR), Naval Aviation Warfare Center Training System Division (NAWCTSD), and Defense Security Cooperative Agency (DSCA), StraCon has performed a full spectrum of FMS services, that includes Letter of Request (LOR) and Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) development for over 60 client countries.

StraCon’s experience in FMS allows us to successfully navigate challenges frequently associated with the acquisition of military software and hardware products.  StraCon can assist our FMS clients by accelerating their ability to fulfill all required technical and logistics capabilities associated with implementation of an FMS acquired product and/or capability.

We can apply system knowledge and overall logistical support capability to meet a wide variety of FMS client needs.  StraCon can reduce time to implement FMS products, and the overall cost of acquiring these products by leveraging StraCon’s experienced approach to systems analysis, implementation, and integration.

Any country that makes an FMS purchase may lawfully request that a defense article or defense service be obtained from a particular source if the Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) or Letter of Request (LOR) states the need for this specific support (FAR 6.302-4).  If requested by the FMS client StraCon would be selected to provide support to the FMS  government team in LOA development and  in LOA execution to help FMS clients with implementation and sustainment of any defense article.  This is allowed without full and open competition once the FMS client specifically request that StraCon provide the FMS government team with  assistance in the LOR or LOA.