Training Solutions Overview

Training Solutions Overview

Political confrontations, and other global instabilities, driven by resource interests, fear, and honor (Thucydides, 430 BC) mandate a deeper appreciation of both the continuities of and changes to warfare in order to gain new perspective on modern warfighter performance demands (McMaster, 2015). Conventional and special operations forces providing a joint combined arms capability must increasingly intensively collaborate to ‘…understand, influence, or compel human behaviors and perceptions. …understand cognitive, informational, social, cultural, political, and physical influences affecting human behavior and the mission’ (U.S. Army Operating Concept, 2014). The theaters of modern warfare require all mission participants to ‘…think like men of action and to act like men of thought!’ (Mattis, 2014).

Leaders seeking to accelerate the development of warfighter and team performance proficiency must ‘…exert influence to foster individual and team discipline, confidence, and cohesion through innovative, realistic training. …combined with self-study, rigorous education in joint and Army institutions, and leader development…’ (U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, 2017). A clearer understanding of the nature and fallacies of war, as well as of warfighter and team performance, is foundational to crafting more targeted, impactful, and enduring training solutions; as well as to ultimately generate the unit readiness required to proactively force multiple dilemmas upon our nation’s enemies (McMaster, 2015).

Since inception, StraCon Services Group has proudly collaborated with, learned from, and actively supported the U.S. Department of Defense’s, aligned agencies’, and senior stakeholders implementing innovative training. We appreciate the battlespace dominance afforded by the sophisticated technology used to project power but we are also always aware it is the warfighter that must embed, adapt, and thrive in deceptive, chaotic context if we are to achieve our most critical national security objectives. StraCon’s subject matter experts actively shape each phase of solution generation ensuring the tactical relevance of training and successful proficiency transfer downrange.

StraCon designs, develops, and delivers instructionally sound and cost-effective learning solutions for the Digital Age.  A digital revolution to augment or completely replace traditional classroom lectures with web-based training and distributed learning (dL) is underway and StraCon is at the forefront of efforts to deploy the training tools and architectures required for more successful dL and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) learning experiences.  It is anticipated half of all learning will be enabled by web-based technology during the 21st Century (U.S. Army Research Institute, 2002) and StraCon offers a portfolio of web-compliant, interoperable, mobile, and scalable training solutions.

StraCon also recognizes the true promise of any emerging training technology is not fully realized without a fusion of principles and practices of several scientific disciplines (e.g., psychology, neurosciences, psychometrics, engineering, economics, computer sciences).  StraCon synthesizes the lessons learned from each of these sources to forge challenging, engaging experiences which realistically portray operational demands to activate and sustain persistent learning during the career continuum. We blend training theoretics tools and techniques from classical, operant, cognitivistic, and constructivistic learning sciences to accelerate warfighter proficiency attainment and mission transfer. StraCon’s subject matter expert relationships are focused on ensuring a contextualized application of the learning sciences.